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     Yard work is hard. Updated August 2011

     Halloween 2009

    A short visit to the end of Florida

    A view or two.

    Dress up day at school.

    As more work is being done around the house.

    Sydney and Stuart learns to ride without training wheels. It is a movie so be patience as it loads.

    Here are a few pictures that Taylor wanted to have posted.

    Fishing results big Fish   

     In the snow Winter 2007

    The inside of the earth, a cave tour.

    People to People 2007 trip to Australia.

    People to People 2006 trip pictures. Greece and Italy   

    Time to relax in Jamaica 2006.

    A trip to South America: Buenos Aires and Tucuman.

    Check out the People to People clean up of canal 11 in Davie Florida.

    Hurricane Wilma passed through Florida and did some damage. I have posted my pictures here.

    A few pictures of Stuart and Jonathan and all.

   A trip to the far East.

    Sometimes it is good to get away for a few days, Jamaica is where we were, Mandeville and Montego Bay.

    A road stop while on a drive.

    In my younger days, the small Sound System I managed.

Here is a sample of the baskets she makes.

  Sydney smiling.jpg (21363 bytes)


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